14 April, 2017

Holyland H3 hash #1186

Twin Peaks has graciously offered to be your faithful hare tomorrow. Be nice to her - make her laugh, do stupid shit.

Trail #1186:
When: Saturday, April 14th @ 16:00 (4pm)
Where: The big parking lot on Elifelet St., next to Norma Jean's.
Questions: Call Twin Peaks for directions at 052-874-3662

07 April, 2017

Holyland trail #1185


I've been busy, blah blah, my 5 year old, Scooby Snack, just woke up.

This weekend (read: tomorrow) we're having hare transplants from Frankfurt H3's mismanagement, in the form of STD and Swans. Such a hash promises to include beer and some entertaining hymnals at minimum.
Time: Saturday, April 8th, 16:00
Place: Kochav Yair, behind the Paz petrol station. Drive to Kochav Yair, pass security gate, at the round about return towards the exit. Enter Paz petroleum station. Go to the parking. Not near Aroma but behind the shops (aim left, I'm sure you can). There's a big parking lot. Or even better, ask Waze for Aroma Kochav Yair.
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/uvX4smUeBHN2
Contact: Lost? Confused? Sober? Call STD at 0544682008. Only SMS. NO WHATSAPP.

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10 March, 2017

Holyland H3 trail #1182

Arrr! Avast, ye landlubbers -

Whew, finals are over. For now. I can hash regularly again! Let the beer flow!

Roadkill is setting a pirate-themed trail this week. He said, "Grab your wenches and your grog and meet me at the hash or you'll be walking the plank!" He means the good kind of plank. Details:
Time: 15:00
Address: Korizin Center, Givatayim (near Tfusot Yisrael 5)
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/4AtSd39kGFH2
Questions? Comments? Contact Roadkill at 050-6899882

There was no trail last week but Fluffer set a half-decent trail two weeks ago, judging by the hash flash on Facebook. Here's what he had to say about it:
Was the last actual hash for Deliverance and Dry Rub. STD was also there with a borrowed baby. 
We met at Habima Square, ran, sang the jelly fish song, ran back and sang some more.
Was a shitty trail but I enjoyed it 😁. 
Dry Rub was DFL and Cockpit the Third was FRB.

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24 February, 2017

Holyland H3 trail #1181

Ahoy there, mateys -

Fluffer will set this week's trail. Dry Rub and Deliverance may might an apperance before they fly the coop and there's rumor of a visiting STD. Our regular hash cash collector is out of town so our hare requested that you bring exact change for hash cash. 
Time: 15:00
Address: Habima Square
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/9WfBRVzAfmp
Questions? Comments? Contact Fluffer at 052-8801111

Last week's trail according to Deliverance:
I didn't actually ask her because I was there. Deliverance is preparing for her imminent move and due to projected low numbers in attendance, she decided to not set a trail at all. Instead we met near her apartment, went for a nice, long walk together, and shared a few beers and snacks at her place afterward. In attendance were Deliverance, Puppy Love Machine, Double Entry, Dry Rub, Tipsy Gypsy, and Just Shneur.

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17 February, 2017

Holyland H3 trail #1180 - farewell Deliverance


This week's trail will probably be Deliverance's last with us for a while. She's moving to the States in the next few weeks. It's planned to be less of a trail and more of a social. Come help us see her off. 
Time: 15:00
Address: Hashoshanim 2, Herzliya
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/5DxYYkPEKcp

Last week's trail according to Caveman:
"I'll summarize before the Hash. Cross out as desired.
It was a cheerful/gloomy sunny/rainy day when many/few Hashers showed up at A.
There hare set them on their run and they quickly found/lost the trail.
At the half way there was/wasn't beer but everyone/no one sang our bawdy songs in front of crowds of people/trees.
The second half was better/worse than the first half and down-downs were appreciated/hated by all.
Afterwards we all/no one went to celebrate Deliverances Fuck-off at a bar and she paid/didn't even pay the bill."

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09 February, 2017

Holyland H3 trail #1179

Greetings and salumatations,

This week's hare will be Captain Caveman. Trail info:
Saturdays Hash run will start at 3pm from the west end of the Hadar Yosef stadium parking lot in Tel Aviv.

Last week's trail according to Twin Peaks:
It was yet another fantastic (shitty) trail set by the dynamic duo, Deliverance and yours truly.
Deliverance did not lose any Hashers on this trail.
Sex Ed drove to the starting point which was less than a kilometer from her apartment and still managed to get lost. Only to find out that the halfway point was at her apartment.
Dry Rub received his F**K Off mug.
Caveman finally showed up after a two week hiatus with the beer. 

Someone will need to take the beer after this week's hash as Caveman and TP will be hitting the slopes in Lake Tahoe.

On on,

02 February, 2017

Holyland H3 trail #1178

I'm up to my neck in finals, so here's the quick 'n short version:

This week's hares are Twin Peaks and Deliverance. Trail info:

This week's hash will start at the Bullseye parking lot.
It is yet another Deliverance and Twin Peaks special. 
Any questions, call Twin Peaks 0528743662

Last week's hare was Double O Panda Facial, here's what he said about his trail:

Not too much to tell. Trail was rained out.  Just 4 showed up, sat in covered area and drank all of the beer. Talked and sang one song.  Wettest hash ever.

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26 January, 2017

Hashing is fun.

Hola senoritas,

This week's hare is Double O Panda Facial. Trail info:

Hash will be on Sat. the 28th at 3:00pm meeting in the parking lot in front of the Sarona Market.

Map to Sarona Market at https://goo.gl/maps/jzVJxtimUZ62.

Last week's hare was Double Entry, here's what we said about his trail:

"A pack of 5 set out to Walk a(n allegedly)(-PLM) well set Running Trail, Not enough to run it ("Sounds, like bullshit, to me, to me." - PL). 

Deliverance realized after 300m that Max the Dog was left behind at the starting point and all had to wait for Dog recovery. (Amazing that she found her way back to the pack. -PL) 

The Halt way was not reached (because there was no beer there)(-PL) as the (sober)(- PL) five - Cockpit the 3rd, Twin Peaks,Tipsy Gypsy, Deliverance and Double Entry, shortcutted back to the starting point for Down Downs. 

No special mention as all were hungry and set out to look for a Pizza (That's the new slang for getting laid. -PL), not before Cockpit the 3rd decided to give the car (she doesn't like being called that)(PL) a wash with a (his)(PL) Fire Hose. Most Illegal (but perhaps not for long if politicians are doing it. -PL). 

No Pizza opened at this time in the Area (but at least there was beer)(PL), so all went home very disgruntled (and none the smarter. -PL)"

Be well.

On on,